The Third Force

یا هؤ  یا رب  یاربی

Is there justice in the world and in nature? is not?

Nature moves according to the law of cruelty
2.3 animals must kill another animal for one day of life.
And in a world where 2/3 of the creatures live for one day and another animal must die.
Talking about justice is evident from society’s misunderstanding, and the nature of its law is the law of oppression, and only humans can and can act justly, and they must act justly, and it is the only attribute of you and me because of the freedom we have, and if we remain bound by nature, we too We are as cruel as other creatures who live because of their compulsion.


With greetings , I am Saeed Mohammad Duraki, a poor man. In July 2008, when the date of the start was taken by the third force, as it is known, in the city of Dubai, the government of the United Arab Emirates, and after my release from prison, from the time when the third force woke me up, my mission began. In the economic sector, I want the Iranian people in the region and the world to know about a dear brother named Musa my brother, who entrusted the economic management of the world to the truth of the third force. And with the capital that Musa has at his disposal, well, he is active in the world of macroeconomics, or let’s say global capitals, and has a long history, as the famous saying goes, in this story, from his father and ancestors. feed financially And here the important and big thing that I am saying, spiritual, political and economic, is that every country that signs the world peace agreement and gives a commitment to never resort to violence and help the people of its own land first and then the people of the world. And there should be no conflict between his own people and the people of the world. When all these countries of the world agree and sign this agreement with the third force, we pledge to provide access to oil, gas and water in their countries, so that each independent country has its own and does not need another country. We show the world all the documents of this earth from the past five thousand years so that they wake up completely that this earth or earth was run by a criminal group that Shah Jahan revealed to us that we are serving the people of the world and others. Indeed, the period of oppression is over. And people should know that this world is not the world that God wants you to live in and it should be a world that is happy and honest and far from oppression, that is, the period of oppression is over. And people should wake up and ask their questions. Ask to get the right answer. Jesus or Moses or Muhammad were those who came from God but did not have enough knowledge and education to inform people, that is, they were on their own at that time and the books you read are not correct and accurate, slave. I am telling you this from somewhere that these three people have been ordered and now I have come to say that the way you are going is wrong, and God cannot make a move until you ask Him. Wake up so we can join hands to free and wake up the world, this is the truth. The people of Iran, the region and the world, wake up. If you don’t wake up after at least seven thousand years, five thousand years, a very important message has come to you for the people of the world that you should pay attention to. If you don’t pay attention, it has nothing to do with the beyond and you on earth. You will see eternal damage. Not only here, humiliation, evil and destruction will come to you, but all this is for your eternity. Both the people of Iran, the region and the world. So, pay attention to this message so that we can bring the world to world peace as quickly as possible from the spiritual, economic and political side, and the people of the earth will also move towards peace and comfort and stop these issues of war, conflict, arrogance, jealousy and hatred. And deceit, trickery, murder, and hypocrisy…. stop doing this. This message is very important that we send this message to the whole world through the third force and a site that goes for world peace both spiritually and with economic power for construction and for the salvation of nations and investment all over the world for movement and construction and settlement. And this is our message, and my servant brother Musa, who is one of the world’s great economic people in investment, financial and banking affairs, undertook the economic mission, and my servant also revealed the rest of the secrets of this field in these five thousand years from a spiritual point of view.

I present to the world and our own country, Iran will be free, all jealousies and wars will disappear, and when Iran finds peace and comfort,the whole world will find peace and comfort, because the codes are mostly in Iran’s land, and unfortunately There is also an evil code, but fortunately there is also a good code. That is, right and wrong, honor and humiliation have been in Iran for the past few thousand years and all of these will be released and the world will move forward. And this message was now due since 2008. And now it is Saturday, April 5, 1402, which is equal to March 25, 2023, and the Iranian new year. Let’s give this message and move, by the grace of God and His Holiness Haq, and let’s move forward for construction and world peace. Iran, the region and the world. And God will save everyone from war and deception. May the Lord of the worlds be the protector of the world.


Iranian people of the region and the world
Unfortunately, 96% of people are unaware that 3% of mercenaries commit crimes for 1% of servants in order to dominate you in the world!
And a nation (Iranian people) think that they can do something for their country by talking in one media, which they have been talking about in every media for 43 years, and the Iranian opposition has been like this until now, when we say that Iran has no opposition.
It has become that everyone thinks that by drinking tea at home and sitting in front of the televisions and by talking and exaggerating and confirming and rejecting each other in the same media, the affairs of the country can be fixed and they talk about their own understanding while not understanding the words of the other party. They counter that this shows the stupidity of a human being and until today no one has thought of solving the problem of Iran at the root and this community will not understand for thousands of years that the story of the viewers with the viewers and behind the curtain of colorful television and other televisions. What kind of satellites are there and until I solve their riddles and secrets, which will happen in due time, no one will be able to figure them out!
So know that you are useless and your opinion will have no effect for thousands of years from generation to generation, and until you have the key and the code, you are invalid and in the circle of invalidity and you will remain in the pyramid of power ( 5569)!
Saeed Mohammadi Duraki


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This channel will bring to your attention the course of religions and religious deviations and the path they take towards their goals in the direction of emergence and the topics of disturbances in the world order and the topics of the end of time from the books of religions and developments.
Explanation of Illuminati, Freemasonry, Satanism and the events of Advent and Apocalypse


Nusrat Esfahani, an Iranian woman who was the wife of the fourth president and the mother of the prime minister of Pakistan! Nusrat Esfahani, (the secret Jew of Esfahan, one of the powerful members of the global criminal gang), is the Iranian wife of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan, and the mother of Benazir Bhutto, another Prime Minister of this country, and one of the most influential political women in the history of Pakistan! He was born in Isfahan and lived in Iran for a while! Watch the clip until the end to get to know him more

The global criminal gang with the resets it has done in the world, after reducing the population of this area of the earth that it dominates, presented what it has falsified and distorted in the spiritual, economic, political, scientific, historical, geographical, etc. dimensions in order to dominate and completely enslave the people. and teaches, and people are inevitably exposed to these fake and deviant teachings and materials!
Now, in the meantime, it gradually puts some of the facts in front of everyone’s eyes, or people get them with research, but on the other hand, they put the word “conspiracy theory” in front of the information of researchers and searchers, so that the difference between different strata in human societies, especially the stratum Educated to reject the truth!
In this video, our compatriot, based on the contents and a map that he does not know from which place it was prepared, edited and published, points to the flat earth and lands outside this range and planets and… in different situations and gives explanations about them.
Today, the people who have reached the conclusions regarding forgery in the mentioned dimensions do not have any documents or licenses to present, or they have not gone beyond their residence and are talking.
But the truth and the documents in the mentioned dimensions are in the hands of this poor servant! (

The spiritual part of Mr. Doraki

The Economy for every country in the world

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